zondag 24 april 2011

Christmas Challenges {with sketches}

Hi everyone!

I have some exiting news to share with you all!

A little while ago the team of {Christmas Creations} on Clubs.nl, Janneke, Marion, Nicole and myself decided, with Janneke as initiator, to set up a new challenge blog. Of course in the same spirit as the club, so it became Christmas Challenges {with sketches}. We like everyone to participate in this brand-new challenge blog. Aren't we all, at the end of the year, busy making tons of Christmas cards?? Well, if you join us from the 1st of June, using our sketches, you avoid the stress and lack of time in the December month. And you can spend that time with your loved ones.
But you don't have to wait until the 1st of June.
 You can take a look already on Christmas Challenges {with sketches}.

We will also have a DT-call. You can read all about that next Sunday,
the 1st of May on the new challenge blog.
So, are you in with us for some adventure?
Come and join us making Christmas cards from the 1st of June and take a look now on

2 opmerkingen:

scrappingtwins zei

Hoi Renate

Wij hebben ons gelijk aangemeld. em wij gaan proberen hierana mee te doen, zodat je aan het eind van het jaar niet alles meer hoeft te doen.we hebben nog genoeg kerstpapier in huis.

groetjes de twins

Marion E. zei

Hoi Meis, Gefeliciteerd met ons nieuwe challengeblog. Ik vind het zo super om met jullie in het team te zitten. We gaan er iets geweldigs van maken! Dikke knuf